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Our fully-integrated pilot training programmes transform students into strong, decisive and skilled pilots capable of operating at the highest levels in the ever-changing commercial and corporate sectors.

Whether you are interested in taking a discovery flight, or you’re ready to pursue the next level in your aviation training, our professional team has you covered. Our Instructors are professionals in flight training and have achieved industry excellence over the years.

Aviation industry leader Boeing is predicting that airlines around the world will need an additional 466,650 trained pilots to meet demand. This is thanks to fewer new pilot entrants, large numbers of retirements and increasing fleet sizes of airlines around the world. If flying is your passion, there is no better time than now to enroll.

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Airlink Aviation Services boasts excellently maintained and a varied fleet of training aircraft. We offer students peace of mind with an impeccable safety record and unmatched fuel efficiency. We offer Cessna 152 and 172, Beechcraft Baron, and Aztec Aircrafts to our students for different levels of training. Touting a fleet with solid reliability, good all-around performance and better fuel efficiency, we take pride in offering the training aircraft that meets the needs of the most experienced and those who are just beginning!

Cessna 172

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There’s no limit with Airlink Aviation! If you need it, we have it: Introductory Flights to Private onto Commercial, instrument ratings, turbine transitions, and multi-engine ratings.  Wherever your dreams take you in aviation – we offer the instruction and opportunities to elevate your unique abilities. The possibilities are endless!

We provide commercial pilot training from an operational airport (Wilson Airport, Nairobi). We also spend more time with each student than most other flight schools, working hard to prepare every trainee pilot for a career in aviation.

Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL)

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How Much Does It Cost To Learn To Fly?

The answer varies for each individual. Like any other skill, practice and dedication will be the driver towards a successful flying training. Everyone learns at a different rate, and the time taken to earn your wings will depend on a number of factors:

  • Individual skill, coordination and experience
  • How many times per week that you will be able to fly
  • Amount of solo-time spent practicing your skilling in the traffic pattern
  • Amount of time available to spend studying ground materials

On average, pilots earn their PPL with between 60-80 hours of flying. We recommend starting with an introductory flight. This is an affordable way to experience flying with your first lesson, actually try flying the airplane, and talk to an instructor in depth about what is required. Your instructor will be able to give you a better idea of costs after spending some time with you and understanding you and your schedule.